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Abundance of employment seekers, but lack of employability. Today’s employers need job ready employees.

Associates often do not perform to employers’ expectation, not as they lack ‘will’, but they

Prospective employees need job relevant training to be especially skilled to become productive to the organisation they work for.

Today’s employers need to partner with ‘solution providers’ over ‘service providers’.

Employers today, need LIBERIUM to partner with them to create an ecosystem around their various people management solution needs.

Our customized training and skill development programmes that are powered by Zee Learn’s


Corporate today spent substantial time and resources to train their employees, and most seek external help from training organizations to train their new joiners. Corporate look for the external training/skilling help to train their employees on general skills for which the outcome is difficult to measure. Even after such trainings, companies invest time & resources to get employee productive. Again, they need to engage temporary staffing companies to manage their payrolls, compliance and other HR aspects related to such contingent workforce. In the process, the corporate HR team need to coordinate with multiple such partners just to ensure that they not only get but also manage the rightly skilled people month on month as per their volatile business requirement. This is where LIBERIUM comes to play. At LIBERIUM, we help corporate to recruit the right resources, train them on the required skills as per the client specific need and even place the associates on LIBERIUM rolls to efficiently manage their staves. Further LIBERIUM keeps associates well informed, motivated and engaged through efficient and informative on boarding & induction sessions. The client organisations thus coordinates only with just LIBERIUM and is FREE to focus on their core business activity.

LIBERIUM focuses around better hiring, quick backfilling, soft skill training, better understanding of client needs, absolute adherence to compliance, quick turnaround time on associate/client queries, extending legal support to safe-guard client’s interests, performance and productivity tracking, thus LIBERATING them from manpower worries.

LIBERIUM also help organisations to meet their requirement of lateral hiring on their direct payroll, besides offering comprehensive solutions around payroll processing, training and HR business process outsourcing.

LIBERIUM is a part of ESSEL Group, which has established credentials and experience of building numerous brands and businesses across industries and geographies over 90 long years, many of which are industry leaders in their respective domain.

We believe in freedom. We offer simple solutions to address complex situations that set our clients free to focus on their core competencies, and help them win in their business objectives.


Established training capability in training and large team of inhouse trainers & industry insight helps LIBERIUM provide the right skills as per client needs.

Certification of skills

LIBERIUM not only trains but certifies the skills acquired by the associate. This is possible as we provide comprehensive classroom and on job training.

Associate Management

LIBERIUM manages the entire life cycle of the associate from entry to exit. We ensure error free payroll, on time salaries, documentation and real-time support.

Better understanding

We understand our clients’ need. Our industry analysis approach to understand concerns and carving solution ensures quick resolutions.

Latin : freedom
Freedom to focus on core competencies


We are honest and aim to be a fair and transparent employer as much as we come clean in dealing with our clients and Departments.

Tracking performance

Through several technical and non-technical tools. we help clients track associates performance and design corrective measures.

Quick query resolution

Our decentralised delivery model ensures that we resolve associate and client queries in minimum possible time as agreed in SLA.

Legal support

Our legal and compliance infrastructure is built to safeguard our clients & associates business and employment interests.

90 years of excellence


We are committed to our clients and associates to ensure them a wonderfully engaging and satisfying experience every time they connect with us either in person or otherwise.

Training & Manpower

Our ‘Train & Deploy’ model together with our robust payroll processing engine not only ensures error free payroll processing & compliance management, but also ensures associates get trained by our in-house training facility in close collaboration with the potential employer.

Talent Acquisition

Our talent acquisition team help corporate in identifying exact fitment of resources for their organisation. We bring in personalised approach, be it while identification of niche profiles or while communicating efficiently between stake holders to keep them adequately and transparently informed about each other which improves hit ratios significantly.

Remuneration Management & Solutions

We provide an end to end remunerations solution, which help organizations streamline their processes and enable in better administration. Our remunerations solution can be customized in accordance to the customer requirement.

HR Business Process Outsourcing

We help customers efficiently manage their transactional HR function for their core employees. We help our customers to source, onboard, train, remunerations, manage compliance and exit formalities efficiently.


About Us

In this changing world of workplaces, customers today need to partner with forward looking people management partners, who would help them to source and retain inspired, trained, and motivated workforce across geographies, quickly and sustainably.

LIBERIUM, is a fast-growing Human resource management, skilling and training company that has come up with innovative workforce solutions that effectively connects people potential to business requirements of organizations.

We provide basic, yet critical services around lateral hiring, temporary staffing, training, remunerations processing and human resource business process outsourcing and ensure a quality service by imparting better hiring, quick backfilling, soft skill training, better understanding of customer needs, absolute adherence to compliance, quick turnaround time on associate/customer queries, extending legal support to safe-guard customers’ interests, beside other general service elements.

LIBERIUM is a part of ESSEL Group, which has established credentials and experience of building numerous successful brands and businesses across industries and geographies over 90 long years, many of which today are industry leaders in their respective domains.

Essel Group


For nine decades, Essel Group has been a leading business conglomerate having diverse business presence across media, entertainment, packaging, infrastructure, education, precious metals and technology sectors. The group started business in 1926 with a commodity trading and export firm, Rama Associates Limited, and has since then metamorphosed into a conglomerate that is a symbol of the ingenuity and power of Indian entrepreneurship, with worldwide operations and more than 10,000 dedicated employees.


Zee Learn

Zee Learn is India’s leading company in education segment with the fastest growing chain of K-12 schools, Asia’s No 1 chain of pre-school network & vocational training institutes in their portfolio, delivering education solutions for various stages of an individual’s growth – from toddler to youth. ZIMA and ZICA provides vocational education outside the ambit of traditional higher education keeping in line with youth’s aspirations.



LIBERIUM is an end to end human resource solution company of the group. We offer an array of services around lateral hiring, training, temporary staffing, remunerations process outsourcing and other allied human resource business process outsourcing services. We also offer customized and specialized HR solutions to help customers meet their need to deployment of trained personnel for their short or long-term business needs.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

Ekal Vidyalaya:

Ekal Movement working with support organizations is the biggest voluntary effort of its kind spread over 50,000 villages.The target is to reach more than a lakh of villages as power centers and surrounding villages in its ambit. This will ensure that the message of development and empowerment reaches every village of the country.

Ekal Movement has a five-pronged education programme to empower the marginalized and particularly the tribals in remote Bharat. The education programme includes - basic education, health care education, development education, empowerment education and value education.


TALEEM Research Foundation was founded by Shri Subhash Chandra as a literary, scientific and charitable society and trust in May 1996.

TALEEM Research Foundation is an initiative of the Essel Group to channelize part of its creative and financial resources to address issues of national concern.

The mission of TALEEM is to provide access and opportunities for world class research and education through residential, distance and open mode of learning, leading to employment and income generation and to promote research & training.

The Global Vipassana Pagoda:

The Global Pagoda has been built on nearly 11 acres of land, donated by Dr. Subhash Chandra. The massive dome of the Pagoda encloses a meditation hall, which is 90 feet high and 280 feet in diameter, where 8,000 people can meditate together. The Pagoda is built using interlocking stones instead of cement, concrete or metal and is unsupported by any pillar. This is the largest pillar less dome to be built in stone in the world.

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